Company Overview

Inventive Designs was founded in 2019; inspired by a family fabrication business.

Phrases like “it can’t be done” or “that’ll never work” inspired the name, Inventive Designs. It is possible to achieve and triumph against the perceived impossible.
We believe in thinking differently, we believe there are many solutions to a problem, and we believe your vision can become reality.

Inventive Designs was born to foster relationships and support industrial businesses in achieving positive outcomes. Our engagements aren’t just transactional, they build a community. Where there is a problem and it is outside our wheelhouse, we may know someone who can and will willingly provide you the details of the business to contact.

A few of the industries we’ve supported include:

  • Packaging Manufacturing
  • Timber Mills (including Pulp & Paper)
  • Abattoirs
  • Engineering/Fabrication/Manufacturing
  • Pack-Housing

Why Choose Inventive Designs?

  • We’re fair and reasonable in our pricing.
  • We’re transparent in our timelines.
  • We commit to what we agree.
  • We believe communication is the cornerstone to fostering trust and success.
  • Everything we do, we do it in the best interest of our customers.
  • We ensure the services we deliver are practical.
  • We offer post-project support. We won’t see you stranded.
  • Dependable, fully compliant solutions.

Practical Engineering Solutions

Customer success is our commitment


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To become the preferred mechanical engineering design consultancy in New Zealand.


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To deliver reliable, practical, and compliant mechanical engineering solutions in the best interest of our customers.


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We operate with commitment, professionalism, and dependability, with a team dedicated to delivering by our agreed deadlines.